T.A. 03996

Exit: Before one enters, one must wipe his shoes on the mat. So t hat nothing inside will get dirty. Leave no tracks behind . Women are there for that, to wipe tracks away. Van ished without a trace . The lost history of Woman? Hi story, not herstory. One must exit from an official pos ition. Also at t he end of one's life. Stand bac/c Step back, please . Make room. Chancel lors , ministers, also step back , resign. Ministers ' wives must also retire. Chancellors ', presidents' wives too. In the shade. The star in the light which one doesn 't see in the darkness. How is it with Mrs. Everyone? Step Aside: Keep moving. Don 't stand stil l. Don 't gather in crawds . You can only do that at harne. (Translatar 's note: this is a wordplay on the German word Auf lauf, which means a riotous crowd and also a souffle) . In the oven. Too much is dangerous. Subversive assembl age of shady characters. Witches. Stupor. Tobe cast as ide. Through drugs. Th rough beat ings. Resign: May I take my leave, please? In order to go to the toilet? Or res ign from an association? Leave schoo l. Secede from the Churcl1. Leave profess ional life. Resign from matrimony, too? Vertreten: (Trans lator 's note: This word also has several completely different meanings in German , two of which are referred to in the following). Stretch one ' s legs . When one of them has almost gone to sleep. From sitting too long. From being shut up. From too much st if f ness. Too much restriction . Represent sometl1ing. A product. A company. Somebody. In old family law men represented women and children. Today women may / can / must represent themselves. Their ch ildren too. May they reall y do so? Represent an apinion. Be present. Step, Stand: Stand on the spot. lt doesn ' t go further. Tread an the peda ls. So that you move forward. You must peda l more forcefully. Bicyc li sts: bow toward the top , tread toward the bottom.Tramp with boots. Skinheads trample on people lyi ng on the ground. Kick to death. Nazis. Soldiers in a war. Husbands their wives. Even when they lie on the floor. Even when they're pregnant. Women are trampled on. Physica lly, psychical ly, socia ll y. Sexually. THAT MUST CEASE! Women step inta act ion. Women make an appearance. Warnen get in touch. Women stand at each otheris side. Women step into the foreground. Warnen walk along a path. Women walk their own path. Women stand up for their own concerns. lf a law derives therefrom, Jet it come inta force. Rotraud A. Perner 7