96. Jahresbericht des Bundes-Realgymnasiums Steyr 1978/79

a fraud anrl we've been hoaxed - and that may not be the entd of ü by any me:ms. GERALD. ['111 sur e it 4m't. BIRLING (keenly interested). You are, eh? Good ! ERIC. Whoe,ver that chap was, the fact remai,111s that I did what I did . And nmther did what she did. An<l the rest of you did what you d-id t.o her. lt 's still the s.aime rotten story whether it's been told to a Police lnsp ector or to somebody eise. Accordi:ng to you, 1 ou:ght to feel a Jot better - 1 stole some money, Gemld, you might as1weil know - The 1110-ney',s 'llOt the important thing. lt's what happened to the girl and what we all ,did to her that matters. SHEILA. And Eric's absolutcly right. And it's the best thing any one o,f us ha s sa,id toni,ght :md it makcs mc feel a bit lcss a·shameid. 0 1 f us. You're ju,s t beginnin g to pretend all over again . (about 550 words) 1. Writc .a SUMMARY o•f the given text in about 150 wo~ds. 2. INTERPRETATION :tnd ANALYSIS: Interpret ~hese lines in the light of the whole play, i. e. point out why r.he Birlings have such a bad con.science. Describe the characters, especi-ally concentrating on their reactions when a,nd after being confronted with the questicm of guilt. The message of the play. PHYSIK - 15. Mai 1979 8. B-Klasse (Prof. Heime/) - 8 Kandidatinnen 1. a) Alpha-Strnhhmg (Wesen, Zustandekommen, Wirkung auf Materie, Reichweite, Beispiele für Alpha-Zevfoll) b) Geigerzähler. Wi,e bnn man radioaktive Strahlung noch nachweisen? c) Nach welcher Zeit ist die Aktivität eines Tod 131 Präparates (8,1 Ta·ge Halbwertszeit) atrf ~ des Ausgang,swertes abgekhmgen? 2. a) Wie kann man den Widerstall'd eines Leiters bestimmen? b) ß,erechne J, )4, Us der folgenden Schaltung: lls =? 1 11 R, ~ 10 1j_::I-Rs-=-125-I-► ; R in Q 1 1 5 1 1 R4 = 40 --► ]4 = ? L--------a U = 380 V 0 -----------' 17